Slate Valley Cares

Formerly "Fair Haven Concerned" 

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The mission of Slate Valley Cares (SVC) is to recognize and assist our neighbors in their time of need by offering direct services such as a Right to Food Center and Thrift Shop, as well as by connecting individuals and households with the agencies or organizations that can better serve their needs. We provide help to those in need regardless of their race, creed, color, sex or sexual orientation. 

Quick Stats

March 2024:

Households Served: 799 (Up 45 Households)

New Household Applications: 22 (Down 13 Households)

Slate Valley Cares is based in Fair Haven, serving community members who live in Fair Haven and other neighboring towns. Services are available to all, regardless of residency. 

Find news, reports, and Board meeting minutes here.

Thank you to our donors, volunteers, and Partners.

What is a "Right to Food Center"?


Visit the Right to Food Center located on 49 Main Street in Fair Haven, VT. 

Groceries are free for members, regardless of residency.

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Visit the SVC Thrift Shop, located within the Right to Food Center. Items available from FREE-$8! 

Purchases from the Thrift Shop directly support the Right to Food Center. Thank you for shopping!

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